Why Buy From Sidekick?

Great question! We'd be asking the same. Here's our detailed answer on this. For a quick summary, keep reading:

Sidekick University.

Inside University, you’ll find over 40 videos designed to help you recover and improve your mobility. Specifically, you'll get free and lifetime access to Guided Classes and Instructional How-To videos.

The Guided Classes are designed to help you get the mobility you desire. Each class lasts about 15 minutes and begins with using our tools to loosen the muscles, followed by stretches to open your body up further. Follow these daily classes for free! Our goal is to get to 100 classes, so we're constantly adding new content.

The How-To videos are led by a Chiropractor or Physio, that teach you how to use our tools on specific areas of your body. Don’t be left guessing how to use our products properly. Get maximum use out of our products from these videos. These videos are designed to be quick and concise so you can get recovering immediately.

Trusted by the Best.

We're grateful to have Olympians, World Champions and Top Crossfit Athletes choose Sidekick. These athletes dedicate their lives to their sport, and it's our job to ensure that we deliver the highest quality products to them. Each product is carefully inspected before it gets sent out to the customer. Our products are FDA registered and meet Health Canada Guidelines. With Sidekick, you can trust in the quality.

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