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  • Does the Mint Muscle Warming Balm or Revive Muscle Warming Spray ever Expire

    We're happy to advise that neither the Mint Muscle Warming Balm or the Revive Muscle warming spray has an expiration date or a best before date.
  • How are Sidekick muscle scrapers different then a foam roller

    Great question, for a video that quickly outlines the difference, click here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN--c3p8HyM), and if you would like additional details, check out this article (https://sidekicktool.com/blogs/posts/gua-sha-vs-foam-roller-which-is-better).
  • How do Sidekick muscle scrapers work?

    Short Answer: Our tools are based upon a 2000 year old Chinese technique known as Gua Sha. Clinical studies have shown that this technique is effective for pain relief, increased blood flow and much more. Long Answer: Whilst the designs of our tools are new and unique, the technique they have b...
  • How to clean your Sidekick Tool

    Cleaning your Sidekick muscle scraper is easy, just follow these three steps 1 - Wet and lather with soap to remove any and all oils 2 - Rinse clean 4 - Disinfect Check out this video for a quick demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMxhLzaQVC4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMxhLza...
  • I cant decide which scraper is right for me

    No problem, we made a video that explains the differences between our Curve, Swerve, and Echo muscle relievers. You can check it out here (https://youtu.be/nfcTdSQ8Ko0). Still, need a hand deciding? Let us know, we'd be happy to help.
  • Is it normal to get bright red spots after using my Sidekick scraper?

    Yes, absolutely! This is called Petechiae and is the blood leaking into your skin (for that reason, we strongly suggest that your tools and skin are cleaned thoroughly before and after use). The redness is a good sign and indicates that an area needs to be worked on. After redness occurs, if yo...
  • Sizes of each Muscle Scraper

    Curve - 7” (17.5cm) Long Swerve - 7” (17.5cm) Long Echo - 8” (20.5cm) Eclipse is 5.5” (13.97cm)
  • What are the differences between our Muscle Scrapers?

    The Curve, Swerve, Echo and the Bow really great tools! There are a few key differences between them which may suit your needs and preferences: Curve + Handcrafted stone tool, and like a fine wine glass, it cannot be dropped, tossed, or thrown without the risk of breaking. Please handle with car...
  • What are these white lines on my Curve

    The white lines that you see are part of the natural stone characteristics. Each piece may look slightly different (in terms of the lines) because of its natural characteristics, these lines help make your curve unique and do not negatively affect the tool in any way. Sometimes these lines are fi...
  • What are your muscle scrapers made of, how much do they weigh?

    Here is some information on the materials and weights of our products Sidekick Curve - Bian stone - 130g Sidekick Swerve - Stainless Steel - 210g Sidekick Echo - Stainless Steel - 270g Sidekick Bow - Stainless Steel - 660g
  • What is the difference between the Sidekick Curve and the Sidekick Echo

    Great question, please click here (https://blog.sidekicktool.com/should-i-buy-the-curve-or-echo/) for a detailed explanation.
  • What is the power supply for the Sidekick Flux and the Sidekick Fuse Vibration Therapy Devices

    Both the Flux and the Fuse Vibration therapy devices come with a 12W DC9V Power Supply Adapter. Please note, the power supply comes with an adaptor for Europe only.
  • Whats the difference between the Edges of the Bian stone Curve vs our Metal muscle scrapers

    Our Curve, Swerve, and Echo all feature the same 5 curve design and edge type. Our Bow Muscle Reliever, however, features two distinct edges, a softer edge for scanning, and a more aggressive edge for destroying adhesions.
  • Whats the difference between the Swerve and the Echo

    Both the Swerve and the Echo and really great tools! There are a few key differences between them however: The Swerve is smaller than the Echo, and is, in fact, the same size as the curve at 7" The Swerve does not feature our patented x-grip that the Echo does. This grip layer reduces hand fatig...