How do Sidekick muscle scrapers work?

Short Answer: Our tools are based upon a 2000 year old Chinese technique known as Gua Sha. Clinical studies have shown that this technique is effective for pain relief, increased blood flow and much more.

Long Answer: Whilst the designs of our tools are new and unique, the technique they have been based upon have over 2000 years of history. The technique (known as Gua Sha) is becoming more popular in Western treatments and you’ll often find Chiropractors and Physiotherapists using similar techniques, all based off of Gua Sha. Many clinical studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of this treatment, and it was shown that pain relief and increased blood flow, amongst others were all benefits from this treatment.
Results from a clinical trial 7 days after treatment showed a 26% overall decrease in pain and a 51% decrease in pain related to movement. By contrast, a control group that received heat therapy reported an 8% overall decrease in pain and 10% reduction in pain associated with movement.
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