What are the differences between our Muscle Scrapers?

The Curve, Swerve, Echo and the Bow really great tools! There are a few key differences between them which may suit your needs and preferences:

+ Handcrafted stone tool, and like a fine wine glass, it cannot be dropped, tossed, or thrown without the risk of breaking. Please handle with care.
+ Measures 7” long and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand same + Smooth Hand polished stone is as comfortable to hold as it is on your skin.
+ Curve is Porous, and ideal for personal use only in order to prevent
transferof any bodily fluids.
+ Includes Mint Balm produced in Canada using 100% all-natural ingredients.
+ Most affordable choice.

+ Swerve is made from unbreakable stainless steel, throw it in your gym bag and take it everywhere you go.
+ All the benefits of the Curve also measures at 7" long combined with the durability of the Echo
+ Smooth stainless steel makes the Swerve a joy to hold in your hand.
+ Made from polished non-porous stainless steel that prevents bacteria build up, ideal for sharing, using on your clients, or having in your gym
+ Also includes a Mint Balm with 100% all-natural ingredients
+ Basically you got the features of Curve and unbreakable like the Echo which is also perfect for sharing the experience with others as it is non-porous.

Echo+ Just like the swerve, this tool is also made from unbreakable stainless steel and you can take it everywhere you go.
+ Measures 8" long making it more versatile than the Curve and the Swerve.
+ The only scraper that comes with our unique, patented x-grip design which ensures comfort and enhances control, while reducing hand fatigue when scraping.
+ Our tools can be slippery when used but not the Echo. This Includes a Revive Spray which is perfect when used in conjuction with the Echo's X-grip.

Bow+ Made to the highest quality standards, the Sidekick Bow is made of Stainless steel and is unbreakable.
+ Developed for use on large muscle groups such as the thights (quads and hamstrings), calves, and with the help of a partner, the lats and back.
+ Ergonomically designed, the Bow features custom textured grips designed to reduce strain, increase leverage and enhance control when scraping
+ Use the rounder inside edge to seek out and locate adhesions, then eliminate them by applying the sharper outside edge of the Bow.
+ Also non-porous which can be shared with others.

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