Whats the difference between the Swerve and the Echo

Both the Swerve and the Echo and really great tools! There are a few key differences between them however:

  • The Swerve is smaller than the Echo, and is, in fact, the same size as the curve at 7"
  • The Swerve does not feature our patented x-grip that the Echo does. This grip layer reduces hand fatigue as the tool can get slippery when used in conjunction with our Mint Balm and Revive Spray.
  • The Swerve comes with a Mint Emollient Balm, unlike the Echo which comes with the Revive Spray.

We wanted to make a stainless steel tool that was more affordable for our customers, and thus we designed the Swerve.

The Swerve was the most suggested name when we asked our community what we should call this tool. It's a Stainless Steel tool with the exact same shape and size of the Curve. Unlike the Curve however, it is unbreakable, and non-porous.